Test of grid operation strategies

Applications and benefits

Operative software, e.g. for grid operation or for virtual power plants, can be connected to a real-time power system simulation in OpSim through standard interfaces (CIM, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104).

Application examples:

  • Testing the software under extreme conditions, such as faulty or delayed measurement data.
  • Tests with large quantities of data from real-time power system simulations (stress test).
  • Long testing periods with real-time power system simulations (load test).
  • Foundation for digital twins

User-Story „EU-Sysflex“

Several country-specific demonstrators are being developed in the "EU-SysFlex" project. The "Germany demonstrator" is intended to show how decentralized generators in a high-voltage distribution grid can support the transmission grid through provision of flexible active and reactive power.

This will be implemented using a schedule-based congestion management process. The functionality of this process is tested and demonstrated in a real-time simulation in OpSim, with a digital twin of the real grid area.

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User-Story „SysDL 2.0“

In the "SysDL 2.0" project, a system platform with forecasting and optimization algorithms (SysDL demonstrator) was created for the reactive power control of decentralized generators in the 110 kV distribution network. The demonstrator was tested in field tests with network operators and tested in preparation in a controller-in-the-loop (CIL) simulation with OpSim. In this CIL test, the interface to the grid operator's control system was replaced by a real-time simulation in OpSim. This made it possible to test and optimize the SysDL demonstrator under realistic operating conditions.

More infos (German report)

User-Story „Bosch VPP“

The virtual power plant (VPP) software from Bosch Software Innovations was connected to a simulated power plant in OpSim. The connection was realized using the VHPready interface and the real-time simulation was shown as a live demo in the E-World Smarter Europe 2015 fair. OpSim can simulate even larger “pools” of power plants to test VPP-software under various conditions.

F. Marten, M. Vogt, M. Widdel, M. Wickert, A. Meinl, M. Nigge-Uricher und J.-Christian Töbermann.
Real-time simulation of Distributed Generators, for testing a Virtual Power Plant software.