Annual simulations for economic studies

Applications and benefits

OpSim supports non-real-time, i.e. accelerated, simulations to investigate longer time spans. Users can connect arbitrary controllers or optimizers in Java, Matlab or Python to non-real-time grid simulations.

Application examples:

  • Compute operating costs of different grid control strategies, such as active power curtailment.
  • Create statistics of switching actions, load flows or voltages of a power grid over long time spans.
  • Investigate interactions between grid operator and markets over long time spans.

User-Story „DSO-VPP annual simulation“

In this example, a price-signal based agreement scheme between a distribution grid operator and a virtual power plant was investigated. The objective of this scheme was to reduce the loading of the grid components. In a simulation with OpSim, the agreement scheme reduced some of the load peaks of grid components.

Statuskonferenz "Zukunftsfähige Stromnetze", Berlin
F. Marten, M. Braun
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