Energy Economics and System Analysis

For designing and shaping future energy supply structures, we develop, model and simulate cross-sectoral expansion scenarios. In addition to the reaction on the energy market and the market design, the spatio-temporal behavior of generation and load play a central role, with particular consideration of new technologies. Based on this, the energy analysis and evaluation, the derivation of recommendations for action and the development of business models are carried out.

Research question

How can transformation paths to a decarbonized energy system be designed in a techno- and socio-economically optimal way?

Our strengths

  • Analysis of different levels - from the individual actor to the global perspective
  • Model-based analyses of complex energy systems and markets
  • Socio- and techno-economic approaches
  • Operations research, optimization methods and risk assessment


  • Energy system and markets
  • Business model analysis and portfolio optimization
  • Heat and transport transition
  • Method development