Energy Meteorology and Renewable Resources

The research field »Energy Meteorology and Renewable Resources« is the basis of the future energy supply system. Research activities are performed to determine the characteristics of the renewable energy sources in high spatial and temporal resolution. Regional potentials are quantified on a long-term scale and assessed on their dynamic behavior.

Research question

What is the potential of renewables and how can we model and forecast their spatial and temporal nature?

Our strengths

  • Development of methods for LiDAR measurements in moderately complex terrains
  • Infrastructure: 200m high meteorological mast  in complex terrain, different wind profile and WindScanner LiDARs
  • Wide range of methods regarding a flexible generation of wind and solar power forecasts for nearly all application areas of energy economy and grid operation


  • Wind measuring campaigns
    and site assessment
  • Multi-LiDAR measurements
    and error maps
  • PV plant characterization with
    satellite data
  • Statistical and physical
    transformation models
  • System analysis and RES time
    series simulation
  • Proof concepts to assess
    possible RES expansions
  • Analysis of weather dependent
    variability and uncertainty
  • Energy meteorological information
  • Monitoring and forecasting of
    RES power production
  • Calibration and preprocessing of
    weather forecasts