Research of smart grid cyber security risks

Applications and benefits

The message bus architecture of OpSim enables users to emulate communication problems between controllers and the power grid.

Application examples:·       

  • Missing measurements
  • Faulty measurements or set points
  • Communication delays or interrupted communication

These properties could be used to emulate cyber-attacks.

User-Story „Cyber Security“

In the EU-project “DREAM”, a heterarchical control strategy for future distribution grids was developed. In this strategy, the grid is subdivided into “cells” and each cell is controlled by a “DSO-agent”. The grid operator’s control room is connected to a “substation DSO-agent”, which in turn is connected to the individual cells.

This multi-layer control strategy could potentially be attacked by hackers. Therefore, the control strategy was tested in OpSim with simulated hacker-attacks. 4 scenarios were simulated:      

  • Blackout-case in the grid simulation.
  • 3 DoS-attacks: the entire communication is interrupted, communication to cell-agent is interrupted or counterfeit measurement data is being sent to the agents.

E. Drayer, J. Hegemann, S. Gehler, M. Braun.
Resilient Distribution Grids - Cyber Threat Scenarios and Test Environment.