Grid Planning and Grid Operation

Our research question

How can energy grid infrastructures be designed and operated to ensure resilient, secure and cost-effective supply both now and in a future decarbonized energy system?

Our strengths

  • Grid analyses of entire grid areas
  • Automated grid planning
  • State estimation and optimization in grid management for all system services
  • Close cooperation with the University of Kassel, e²n department

Research topics

  • Automated grid planning and analysis
  • Automation of system management
  • Condition assessment and prognosis
  • Optimization of system management, eg.
    • Voltage stability / reactive power
    • Congestion management / redispatch
    • Grid reconstruction
    • Frequency maintenance
  • Analysis, evaluation and test methods (e.g. digital twins)
  • Co-simulation of the entire system
  • Analysis and optimization methods (e.g. data science, artificial intelligence)
  • Evaluation and improvement of reliability and resilience
  • Coupled network infrastructures (electricity, gas, heat, ICT, water)
  • Cross-grid coordination

The focus of our analysis is the transformation process of energetic grid infrastructures (electricity, gas and heat) in the context of

  • decarbonization (energy transition through renewable energies, heat pumps and electric vehicles),
  • decentralization (many small plants in the distribution grid instead of large power plants in the transmission grid) and
  • digitalization.

To support this transformation, we are developing new methodologies and software solutions for grid analysis, planning and operations management.