Fraunhofer IEE in Kassel collaborates with the the universities of Kassel, Hanover and Darmstadt. Within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, use is made of the expertise and experience of partner institutes, in particular of Fraunhofer Energy Alliance.  

At national and international levels the institute successfully collaborates with many public and industrial research groups. The application-oriented work of Fraunhofer IEE is highlighted by the large number of direct contracts with industry. In addition it supervises many projects from industry work groups and many development projects are undertaken with industrial companies.

Our research results are the basis for the participation of many IEE scientists in national and international bodies such as DKE, CENELEC, and IEC and the use of those results for standardization. With its technical expertise, Fraunhofer IEE contributes to the definition of political and commercial parameters.