Test Centers | Laboratories

Future-oriented research and development infrastructure

Fraunhofer IEE has extensive test and experimental facilities, laboratories and equipment. In some areas, the specialization extends to the extent that new test benches and procedures have been developed and implemented.

Together with the know-how of its scientists, Fraunhofer IEE can thus offer its customers and partners a future-oriented research and development infrastructure that goes far beyond the usual.

SysTec | Distribution Networks and Grid Integration

  • Tests of generating units (EZE) according to grid connection guidelines
  • Testing of grid-forming EZE and storage units
  • Intelligent, resilient grids and microgrids
  • Power quality measurements and power analyses
  • Smart grid applications and hybrid systems
  • Protection devices and distribution network components
  • Electromobility: grid integration of charging stations, electric vehicles and storage systems

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Inverter Lab

  • Development of power converters and cooling concepts
  • Tests for application in electrical networks and in the drive technology
  • Testing of hardware components and control technology
  • Investigations of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Exact power loss measurement e.g. of magnetic components (calorimeter)
  • Characterization of semiconductor components (switching cell) and storage devices

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Medium voltage

  • Development and test of power converters and network operating facilities
  • Test of hardware components and control technology
  • Voltage levels 10/20 kV AC, 1640 V DC
  • Configurable test networks
  • Testing of components according to grid connection guidelines
  • Mobile equipment for over- and under-voltage
    Ride through tests (OVRT/UVRT)

Drive technology and electrical machines

  • Design/investigation of insulation and cooling concepts
  • Construction and electromagnetic design of ring generators
    and motors
  • Concepts for fully superconducting generators
  • Distributed electrical design and control
  • Axial vibration control
  • Power hardware-in-the-loop emulations
  • Tests, laboratory tests, proof-of-concept

Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop

  • Digital twins for electrical grids, generators, storage and loads
  • Grid integration of power converters
  • Development and testing of system services
  •  Electric drives and ring machines
  •  Testing of electrical components and systems
  •  Real-time computers for online grid security assessment

Control room digital energy

  • Validation of control room functionalities for grid operation management, direct marketing, plant operation in a secure
  • Evaluation of control and standardized communication protocols
    in connection with real plants or emulation for test service purposes
  • Demonstration and simulation of digital applications
    (AI processes) and developments from science and
    industry (digital twins)

Wind Measurement Network

  • Lidar wind profile measurements and measurement strategy for
    Yield assessment
  • 200 m high research and climate mast as a
    vertical laboratory
  • Remote Sensing
  • Development, planning and implementation of individual
    wind measurement campaigns with wind profile lidar, scanning lidar
    lidar, nacelle lidar and measuring masts

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District Lab – Heating grids

  • Investigation of the system behavior of flexible and
    regenerative heat networks
  • Component testing execution
  • Development and validation of new operational management strategies
  • Digital twins for the optimization of the system behavior
    of components
  • Development of adaptations of technical regulations

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Electrochemical storage

  • Characterization and parameterization of accumulators
    (lead, lithium, others)
  • Modeling, simulation and emulation of accumulators
    (lead, lithium, others)
  • System testing and integration of battery systems

Renewable gases

  • Characterization / parameterization, modeling /
    Simulation of fuel cells and electrolysers
  • System testing and system integration of fuel cells
    and electrolysers
  • Production, distribution and use of hydrogen
    and renewable gases (PtX)

HBFZ – Hessian Biogas Research Center

  • Control and management systems for flexible
    power production with biogas plants
  • Improvement of biogas upgrading plants
  • PtX with biogenic carbon sources
  • Renewable gases, green CO2
  • Rural energy systems, resilient energy supply and renewable gases (PtX).


DERlab - Network of Excellence

Leading research institutes from eleven European countries have joined forces in the DERlab network of excellence, coordinated by Fraunhofer IEE, to jointly develop criteria for the operation of decentralized power generators on the grid and derive test procedures and standards from them. The laboratory infrastructure is being expanded in a coordinated manner and can thus complement each other. The "European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories" association was founded at the end of 2008 and is based at Fraunhofer IEE in Kassel.


Electromagnetic compatibility EMC

  • EMC-tests (full-compliance)
  • Inverter tests
  • Tests on generation units
  • InHouse- und on-site-measurements
  • Prototype and product development tests