Training and Apprenticeships at Fraunhofer IEE

The Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE in Kassel has set itself the important task of offering a varied training program with exciting and instructive activities for in-company training or dual studies. 


At our new, innovative location at Kassel's Kulturbahnhof, you can expect bright and modern offices, seminar rooms, several specialist laboratories and a large technical center, which you will get to know and use alongside the vocational school and university. As a trainee or student, be part of how ideas are turned into concrete projects that are implemented in close cooperation with industry. Fraunhofer IEE thus offers an ideal study environment with a direct link to application-oriented research projects.


Fraunhofer IEE has been researching the transformation of energy supply systems and developing solutions for economic and technical challenges for decades. The practical insight that our trainees gain into the multifaceted fields of work of a research institute lays an important and lasting foundation for their future activities in industry or research.

Train with us


IT specialist in system integration

If you decide to specialize in system integration, IT infrastructure will become your area of expertise. You will help analyze customer requirements and find the right technology to suit their needs. Additionally, you will also connect the various hardware and software components to create complex systems.


IT specialist in application development

You are interested in logical connections, are familiar with the latest hardware and software and find programming languages exciting? By becoming an IT specialist with us, you can look forward to working in a wide variety of fields.


Office management assistants

Do you have a talent for organization and a sense for numbers? Are you open, communicative and enjoy working in a team? Then find out more about training as an office management assistant at our institute:


Electronics technician for building and infrastructure systems

In the construction, real estate and facility management departments at Fraunhofer IEE, you can not only get to know the many different technical and electronic processes, but also the procedures and special features of our modern research institute.

Dual study program in computer science - Practice-integrated

As part of your dual study program, you will have the opportunity to acquire a broad range of IT skills. By being closely involved in daily processes and working on research projects, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have acquired directly and develop your skills in dealing with new tasks independently and independently.

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