Benchmark tests of power/gas/heat control concepts

Applications and benefits

The message bus architecture of OpSim enables users to couple different simulation tools and realize simulations of complex power/heat/gas energy systems. Through these simulations, users can test, evaluate and optimize novel control strategies for multi-energy networks.

User-Story „power-gas simulation“

In the project “SimBench” a combined power-gas simulation was created. This tool enables investigations on how surplus renewable electric energy can be transferred to gas networks using power2gas units.

Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (MSCPES), 2018

S.R. Drauz, C. Spalthoff, M. Würtenberg, T.M. Kneikse, M. Braun

A modular approach for co-simulations of integrated multi-energy systems: Coupling multi-energy grids in existing environments of grid planning & operation tools