Interaction tests between different actors in the smart grid

Applications and benefits

The message bus architecture of OpSim enables users to connect different controllers and optimizers (e.g. grid- or market-based) to a power system simulation and investigate their interplay.

Application examples:

  • Interaction tests between two grid operation strategies (for example, to achieve an optimal reactive power flow at the connection points between distribution and transmission grid).
  • Interaction tests between grid operation and market actor strategies (e.g. real-time testing of ancillary service markets).

User-Story „DSO-TSO Sim“

This investigation focused on achieving an optimal reactive power flow between a distribution and a transmission grid, through dynamic reactive power set points from transmission- to distribution system operator (TSO and DSO).  A simulated “DSO” informs the “TSO” periodically, how much reactive power can be provided at the connection point; the “TSO” then decides a reactive power set point. Through OpSim it was shown that this concept can be performed in real-time and the reactive power data was analyzed in some exemplar simulations.

PowerTech Eindhoven 2015
M. Vogt, F. Marten, L. Löwer, D. Horst, K. Brauns, D. Fetzer, J.-H. Menke, M. Troncia, J. Hegemann, C. Töbermann, M. Braun.
Evaluation of interactions between multiple grid operators based on sparse grid knowledge in context of a smart grid co-simulation environment