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In the list below you will find the current publications (references to papers, conference papers and conference proceedings, research reports, studies, theses and patents as well as utility models) of Fraunhofer IEE and links to publications from 2009 to 2021 (in the right column). Electronically available documents can be retrieved directly from the Fraunhofer Publica database in full text.

Publication Type
2023 Open Source Simulation Software pandapower and pandapipes: Recent Developments
Bolgaryn, Roman; Banerjee, Gourab; Meinecke, Steffen; Maschke, Hendrik; Marten, Frank Bernhard; Richter, Mario Stefan; Liu, Zheng; Lytaev, Pawel; Alfakhouri, Baraa; Kisse, Jolando Marius; Lohmeier, Daniel Jan
2023 Security Constrained Optimal Unit Commitment for Inverter Based Resources Penetrated Systems using AMPL Optimization Software
Mostafa, AbdelRahman
Master Thesis
2023 Regionalisierung des Ausbaus der Erneuerbaren Energien
Pape, Carsten; Geiger, David
2023 Possibilities through Digitalisation on the example of District Heating and Colling
Schmidt, Dietrich
Meeting Abstract
2023 Automatisierte Generierung von Randnetzäquivalenten
Ungeheuer, Fabian
Master Thesis
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