IT Specialist - System Integration

Apprenticeship as an IT specialist - specializing in system integration

You are interested in logical connections, are familiar with the latest hardware and software and find programming languages exciting? By becoming an IT specialist with us, you can look forward to working in a wide variety of fields. If you decide to specialize in system integration, IT infrastructure will become your area of expertise. You will help analyze customer requirements and find the right technology to suit their needs. Additionally, you will combine the various hardware and software components to create complex systems. Administration and user training thereof will also be among the areas that you can further pursue during your training.

Your Education

Generally, our trainees have intermediate diplomas, advanced technical college entrance qualifications or high school diplomas. At some of our institutes and for some professions, a lower secondary school diploma may also be sufficient for a start to your apprenticeship at Fraunhofer. Our institutes are independent when it comes to training - you can find out whether you can apply for a training position with your diploma at the Fraunhofer Institute of your choice.