Inverter Lab

Inverter Lab

Testing of generation units, static converters and power electronics is an inherent part of the research activities at Fraunhofer IEE. With accredited testing laboratories, we offer standard and customised tests and measurements together with characterisation and simulation of power electronics and system components, with a particular focus on:

  • Grid integration
  • Performance and reliability
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Hybrid-storage systems


We develop and characterise inverters

We develop and characterise inverters, module integrated and orientated inverters, DC/DC converters, unidirectional and bidirectional chargers from small to large scale for different applications; storage facilities, generator based renewable energies, combined heat and power generation plants, adjustable load appliances, electric vehicles and controllable transformers.

Our services cover concept design and control systems as well as tests and measurements of all power electronics devices from sub kW to multi MW systems.

Test Facilities & Laboratory Equipment

  • PV simulator (750A@1000V) with MPP tracking
  • 90 kVA bi-directional three phase AC grid simulator for the measurement of low-frequency network disturbances, voltage fluctuation and flicker
  • 1MVA bi-directional three phase AC grid simulator
  • Mobile low and medium voltage fault ride through test equipment (LV- & MV-FRT) up to 6 MVA
  • Climate chambersAccredited EMC laboratory

Simulations- und Analysesoftware

Grid Integration Research and Test Laboratory (PNI)
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Grid Integration Research and Test Laboratory (PNI)
  • MATLAB / Simulink, PLECS
  • Power Factory
  • Ansys / Ansoft
  • CST Studio Suite
  • COMSOL Multiphysics

We are able to offer more extensive tests in different power classes within the European network of excellence DERlab, an alliance of several independent laboratories in Europe that work on the integration of distributed energy resources (DER) in electric grids. Fraunhofer IEE is member and coordinator of this network.

Grid Connection

The accredited testing laboratory for grid integration “Forschungs- und Prüflabor zur Netzintegration“ (PNI) offers the determination of electrical characteristics of distributed energy resources according to relevant grid codes:

  • Measurement of units and plant up to 6 MVA
  • Laboratory measurements or on-site measurements.

Measurements for international grid codes

(in cooperation with DERlab e.v.)

  • Italy: CEI 0-16, CEI 0-21, CEI C.1058
  • USA: ANSI C62.41; CEC Inverter Performance Protocol; FCC part 15 Class A; UL 1741
  • Austria: OEVE/OENORM E 8001-4-712
  • Belgium: C10/11
  • Spain: RD 436/2004; RD 1663/2000; PVVC; P.O. 12.3

Modelling and certification services

Fraunhofer IEE offers extensive support for unit and plant certifi cates required for grid connection approval

  • Modelling of units and plants –
    by means of preparation and parameterisation of the simulation model
  • FGW TR4: Validation of unit and plant models – based on measurement results
  • FGW TR8: Certifi cation of plants (in progress)

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

In our accredited EMC testing laboratory, we can carry out all necessary emission and immunity tests, according to the generic EN61000-6-1 to -6-4 standards.

The laboratory is optimised for research on inverters, but also offers extensive possibilities to test other devices – from pre-compliance near field scans on circuit board level up to accredited tests in terms of Go/NoGo tests.

Moreover, tests on electricity meters, in-situ EMC measurements on electrical installation, grid quality and and EMC appraisals are also possible.

Outdoor measurement of power electronic components

Characterisation of power electronic components can be carried out under genuine operating conditions while simultaneously recording all relevant parameters on the DC and AC side. Furthermore, the operating temperature of critical components can be measured. In addition, we can provide detailed evaluation to characterise the quality of their products.

We offer a multitude of laboratory services for PV systems to increase the local consumption of the generated energy in household, industrial and commercial applications:

Functionality and effi ciency tests

Besides standardized tests for the functionality and efficiency of the system components, such as EN 62509 for the battery charge controller, we are qualified to carry out extensive tests in the household environment for your self-consumption system. Furthermore, we are developing test procedures to compare the overall system efficiencies in benchmark tests.

Tests with virtual battery

By means of our virtual battery we can conduct test services to support the development of battery charge controllers and the optimization of storage operation and charging strategies.

Battery tests

We carry out standardized effi ciency and capacity tests according to EN 61427 as well as custom tests to determine battery state-of-health.

In addition to the test procedures in accordance with current standards and application requirements, we are able to offer the following additional services for the characterization and development of power electronic components.

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R&D electronics and coverters

  • Consulting, development and design of power electronics converters and control strategies, controller cards, measurement and communication interfaces according to system requirements and specifications
  • Verification and performance testing of control algorithms using Software-in-the-LoopAnalysis and inspection of prototypes in the laboratory together with in field monitoring campaigns

Additional measurement

  • Investigations on novel network assets, e.g. voltage stabilizers, controllable MV/LV substations, charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Test of devices and components in a system context (in combination with power hardware in the loop systems)
  • In-situ measurements of components along with analyses of system performance