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Hessian Biogas Research Center - HBFZ

The HBFZ investigates all aspects of energyproduction from biomass. Research activities begin with crop cultivation, continue with the adequate supply of the substrate, through to the production of biogas within the biogas installation as such, and also include the fermentation residues and the planting ground. The production and utilization of the biogas in combination with other renewable energy suppliers in various forms is also examined. These include the direct generation of electricity, the combined supply of electricity and heat, as well as the production of natural gas substitutes and fuel and the provision of CO2 as a reactant for methanization (power-to-gas).

Furthermore, the HBFZ offers optimum conditions for testing energy management and control systems. Multiple PV-systems, a biogas plant with CHP, as well as a very flexible micro-gas-turbine and a wood chip-fired-plant are producing electrical or thermal energy. Moreover the facilities of the HBFZ include barns and stables, tool-room workshops, kitchens, boarding school and other facilities with a similar load profile to those found in a small village and which are all successively connected to a heating pipeline.

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Experimental Center for Bioenergy System Technology

In collaboration with the Eichhof Agricultural Training and Research Center, Fraunhofer IEE operates an experimental center for bioenergy system technology in Bad Hersfeld (Hesse). This covers the whole process chain from biomass production through to grid integration. A biogas test plant with a raw gas capacity of up to 50 m3/h is available for demonstration purposes and pilot plant trials. Up to 6 containers with test equipment can be provided. Experiments on biomass preparation, residue treatment, thermal biogas utilization, and gas upgrading and feeding are possible. Laboratories are also available for investigating specific biological, chemical, and physical parameters.