SysTec: Distribution Networks and Grid Integration


In its test centre for distribution networks and grid integration, Fraunhofer IEE is developing and testing new equipment and operation strategies for smart low and medium voltage grids. In addition, investigations regarding grid integration and grid connection of electric vehicles and their power generated from renewable energy sources as well as photovoltaic systems, wind energy plants, storage and hybrid systems are carried out under realistic conditions here.

A large open-air ground of approx. 80,000 m² offers sufficient space and very good conditions for solar and wind energy. Furthermore, the open-air ground provides configurable distribution grid sectors (low and medium voltage), as well as a route offering the possibility to test inductive charging systems for electric vehicles.

In the eastern area of the premises there is a hall presently with two laboratory divisions: one of the labs includes a testing area for low and medium voltage converters, electrical machines or grid equipment. There it is possible to develop and test the electrical properties and in particular the ancillary services of remote generators in the power range up to 6 MVA. A mobile test container able to be used to measure the fault-ride-through of generation plants has been integrated into the laboratory. The second lab is equipped with facilities to test grid integration of electric vehicles and power storage. In addition to hardware simulators for batteries, bidirectional charging controllers, charging columns and grid simulators, there is a roller chassis dynamometer for electric vehicles to replicate operational profiles as well as a test facility to analyze inductive energy transfer.



Stable and Secure Power Systems

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Services | Products (selection):

  • Examination of generation plants in accordance with different grid connection guidelines (low voltage, medium voltage)
  • Metrological examination of performance (tripping characteristic) of protection devices at distribution grid components
  • Measurements of grid quality and analyses of performance
  • Determination of energy yields and comprehensive characterisation of photovoltaic modules and systems under realistic operational conditions
  • Field and laboratory tests of hybrid systems, small wind power plants and individual components as well as tests with hardware emulations under defined operating profiles
  • Complete investigations and examinations in view of the grid integration and the energy management of electric vehicles
  • Investigation of electric vehicles in combination with virtual batteries, also when the vehicle is in operation (roller chassis dynamometer, temperature chamber)
  • Real time distribution grid simulations to test control centres and the grid integration of distributed generators, electric vehicles and power storage (hardware-in-the-loop)
  • Investigation of operating performance strategies for individual plants and hybrid systems (e.g. photovoltaic, storage facilities, heat pumps, combined heat and power)