WES.ONLINE Certificates

Studying Wind Energy Systems in Kassel is highly flexible. We educate people on a higher educational level in a different scopes and in several areas of competences. Therefore, beside studying the complete master program Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems, also seven Certificates of Advanced Studies are offered.
These certificates enable our participants to study specific certificates with different focus in wind energy systems. All certificates have a scope of 30 credits.

If students will take part in more than one certificate, overlapping modules will be accepted. All modules of the certificates are accredited by the ASIIN. The fee for a complete certificate is € 6.000.


Scientifically Oriented Fundamentals of Wind Energy Systems


Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems


Integration of Wind Power in the Electricity Supply System


Wind Energy Converter Systems


Computational Wind
Energy Systems


Structural Mechanics of Wind Energy Systems


Fluid Mechanics of Wind Energy Systems