Certificates of Advanced Studies

Integration of Wind Power in the Electricity Supply System



The fluctuation of wind power and the more decentralized production of wind power require complex solutions for the successful grid integration. The certificate 'Integration of Wind Power in the Electricity Supply System' gives you the opportunity to study the increasingly important issue of the integration of wind power into the power supply system.The certificate focuses on technical, administrative and legal barriers and challenges which are to be considered for a succesful integration of wind power and other renewable energy and conventional technologies into the grid.


This certificate 'Integration of Wind Power in the Electricity Supply System' is recommended to engineers who want to work for local or regional utilities, grid operators or consultant companies that deal with the planning and integration of wind farms and who want to specialize themselve in integration of wind energy. On the basis of wind power forecasting you learn how to optimize  the scheduling of the conventional and renewable energies power stations mix. Another learning outcome is the planning of future electricity grids of power supply systems with a large amount of renewables.