Certificates of Advanced Studies

Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems



This certificate 'Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems' deal with the main components of the electrical system. Issues like how to design, control and operate the electrical system in a wind energy converter will be treated. In this context questions are answered regarding the technical challenges and boundary conditions for the design and how does it interchange with the drive train and the whole wind energy converter system and the wind farm.


This certificate 'Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems' is recommended to engineers who want to work for manufactures that deal with the design of the electrical system of a wind turbine or who would like to work for consultant companies that deal with the operation and maintenance of wind farms. Certificate participants learn to analyze grid connections requirements for wind farms to the electricity grid and to design the internal wind farm grid. They learn also to conduct all the necessary grid compatibility studies and prepare an optimized and economical grid connection plan as a consultant.


Important: Basic knowledge in control engineering (Regelungstechnik) are recommended. The Electrical Engineering module should be assigned at the beginning of the certificate.