Energy meteorology information systems

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Power from wind,
solar, biomass and

  • Forecast and extrapolation, current and
    expected generation (minutes, days, week)
  • Individual plants, plant portfolios
    as well as grid regions (grid connection points, transformer stations/transformers, supply regions), countries
  • Actual and possible generation as well as
    grid feed-in with feed-in management, energy consumption, storage and market influences, etc.

Consumption of
electricity, heat/cold
and water

  • Forecast, current and expected
    consumption (minutes, days, week)
  • Households, small to large industrial businesses and supply grids (grid connection points, grid nodes, supply regions)
  • User behaviour modeling using information of available sensors (e.g. Smart Meter, Smart Home, SCADA, etc.)

Power flows

  • Integration of generation and
    consumption forecasts into grid status calculations
  • Forecast of horizontal and vertical
    power flows (minutes, days, week)
  • Individual forecasts for transformers,
    transformer stations and coupling points  
  • Detailed mapping and aggregation of the
    generation and consumption landscape
  • Weather, grid, market, extreme situations, etc.

Dynamic line rating

  • Identification of critical meteorological points (e.g. hot spots) on overhead lines
  • Design and implementation of specifically adapted meteorological measuring stations in transformer stations and on transmission towers
  • Current ampacity of individual circuits and the entire electricity grid
  • Forecast of expected ampacity

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