Key Stakeholder Consultation  /  October 23, 2023

The contribution of Power-to-X to enable long-term carbon neutral transformation of South Africa’s Energy System

The objective of this event is to engage a diverse group of stakeholders in the field of green hydrogen and PtX products in the discussion of the transformation pathways for the integrated energy system of South Africa. By doing so, participants can significantly contribute their insights towards formulating targeted strategies for the forthcoming PtX agenda in South Africa.  

The workshop aims to involve South African professionals from the public, private and academic sectors through discussion in online break-out rooms with expertise in the following areas:

  • Transformation of the power sector and PtX production
  • Transformation of the transport sector
  • Transformation of the industry & mining sector

At the end of the workshop, participants should have a better understanding of the barriers that need to be addressed in South Africa's energy transformation pathways, the range of technological options that need to be considered, and the potential high-priority research activities for the future. They will also be invited to our follow-up event on the preliminary findings of the study.