Analyses and Consultancy in Energy Economics

We create simulation-based studies and develop economic, strategic and political decision-making bases on the foundation of energy industry analyses.

The processes of change in the energy industry constantly present new challenges to the players. Adjustments of market mechanisms, changes in the regulatory framework and new technological developments affect players and energy systems at different levels.

We map the complexity of energy systems in our tools and analyse economic, technical and political issues. In the process, we consider both systems and markets that exist today as well as future developments and their repercussions.

We are the point of contact concerning your requests for

  • Business models and investments for portfolios of decentralised systems
  • Concepts for the energy systems district - city - region
  • Cesign of the future energy system

We offer support in 

  • Business model development
  • Strategic decisions
  • Investment decisions
  • Discussions on energy policy  

Products & Services

Flexible Capacity in the Power System

  • Bioenergy and CHP
  • Load management in industrial plants
  • Wind energy  in the control  reserve market
  • Use of storage

Heat and Power Supplies in Buildings and Cities

  • Systems for the energy consumption of buildings and real properties
  • Sustainable energy concepts for cities and quarters
  • Regional energy  generation and supply

Multi-Sectoral Transition of the Energy System

  • Future market design
  • Electricity, heat and  mobility
  • Future technologies


Market Design

  • Development of reform proposals
  • Evaluation of impacts e.g. on capture prices, the profitability of sector coupling and the grid operation

Training and Knowledge Transfer

You are looking for current knowledge and know-how from research for practice? We share our knowledge. In practice-oriented events, you and your employees can gain insights into the current state of research and engage directly with our experts. In addition to the existing range of events, we are also happy to offer you demand- and customer-oriented events for your national or international target group.

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