Wind ressource assessment with LiDAR

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Site assessment with
LiDAR systems

    Measurements with wind-profiling lidars to supplement or replace met masts
    Many reference projects in
    complex terrain sites
    Measurements at multiple
    heights up to 300 m
    Remote monitoring and reliable
    stand-alone electricity supply


Research Platform: windscanner and 200 meter mast

  • Test and field measurements with lidars, met masts, ice sensors etc.
  • Mobile long-range scanning lidars for measurements of the wind field at a range up to 8 km
  • 200 m met mast with over 20 IEC-compliant, MEASNET-calibrated wind sensors

Optimized wind
measurements in
complex terrain

  • Development of individual measurement
    strategies for best results at lowest cost
  • Use of high-resolution wind flow simulations to reduce the uncertainties of measurement campaigns
  • Visualization and correction of LiDAR measurement errors to facilitate the selection of the optimum measurement location

production assessment of wind farms

  • Performance assessment of wind farms based on lidar measurements, SCADA-data and CFD-Modeling
  • Identification of improvement potential in the operation of wind turbines also in complex terrain

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