Energy meteorology systems

Forecasts for a reliable energy system

Digitalisation, automation and the usage of intelligent algorithms are becoming increasingly important factors for success in the energy industry.

This is particularly true for the integration of renewable energies (RE), for which precise and reliable forecasts of the expected energy production and consumption are indispensable. This can increase efficiency, minimise risks, and save costs.

Our real-time power estimates and forecasts are the centrepiece of innovative solutions for reliable grid operation and planning with weather-dependent energy sources.

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Our offers

  • Forecasts of the expected renewable energies (RE) generation in the next few minutes up to days.
  • Estimates of the energy generation from spatially distributed renewable energy plants.
  • Forecasts of the expected electricity, heating/cooling, and water consumption by households, enterprises, and utility networks.
  • Dynamic methods for the determination and prediction of the possible ampacity of overhead conductors,  considering external weather conditions.
  • Forecasts of the expected power flows within (horizontal) and between (vertical) the different voltage levels in the grid.
  • Consulting and project planning based on state-of-the-art methods from science and research on the characterization and mapping of energy-meteorology relationships.

Customer statements


"We have been using Fraunhofer IEE's RE forecasts for years. Both in ongoing operations and as a basis for future developments, the data for the forecast outputs of wind turbines provide an important foundation for the further development of our processes and procedures in grid management."

Dr. Dominique Ernst, TenneT

50Hertz Transmission GmbH

"Fraunhofer IEE is a long-standing and reliable partner for us in the system-supporting integration of renewable energies. Both the high-quality forecasts and the competent scientists are decisive for the close cooperation."

Mathias Zirkelbach, Wind/PV Forecasts, Maintenance/Further Development of Wind/PV Systems, Process Management & Cooperation - Process Technology, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH.

Amprion GmbH

"Amprion has been successfully working with EE forecasts as well as EE projections from Fraunhofer IEE for years, both in ongoing operations and in further development for future challenges."

Amprion GmbH

Our service areas


Wind and solar power forecasts

  • Wind power forecasts
  • Solar power forecasts
  • Redispatch 2.0 forecasts

Power flow

  • Forecasts of the expected power flows within (horizontal) and between (vertical) the different voltage levels in the grid
  • Generation and load shares
  • Based on comprehensive master and power grid data
  • Optimization with the help of machine learning methods




Weather data

  • Location-specific optimized weather data for your application (live and historical)
  • Combination of different sources for optimized data
  • Data preparation according to customer requirements (model area, forecast horizons, parameters, delivery format)




Simulations of
energy systems

  • Simulation-based energy system studies
  • Area- or coordinate-specific locations of future generation and consumption
  • Customized energy system scenarios and (geospatial) data, combined with grid data and calculations as needed.
  • Webinars and training on the use and benefits of energy system scenarios

Weather-dependent overhead
line operation

Safe and efficient operation of transmission and distribution networks

  • Increased utilization of existing networks
  • Reduction of network shortages
  • Increased network security


  • Generation of heat and electricity
  • Optimization of resources
  • Profit maximization


AI-based forecasts &
optimized load profiles for:

  • Electricity, heating, cooling, water
  • households, industry, grid nodes
  • Resource planning
  • E-car charging behavior
  • Smart meters


  • Run-of-river plants and dams
  • Modelling of individual power plants
  • Total regional electricity production

Forecasts of
network conditions

  • Forecasting concepts for successful redispatch 2.0
  • Potential analysis and determination of forecasting requirements
  • Development of forecast concepts for an individual grid area
  • Roadmaps from the creation of the forecast concept to commissioning
  • Evaluation of forecast concepts

Online estimation

  • Wind and photovoltaics
  • Power and weather measurements,
  • Grid areas, grid nodes, portfolios

White Paper GLDPM


Cross-country power flow calculations are performed to determine maximum transmission capacities between European market areas. To make these even more reliable and to map the operations of the transmission grid level (150 kV to 380 kV, in Western Europe mainly 220 kV and 380 kV) in more detail, the Generation and Load Data Provision Methodology (GLDPM) has been developed to provide the grid data required for power flow calculations. Its implementation should be completed in 2018.


  • Overview of the generation and load data provision methodology
  • Provision of data for network modeling from the high-voltage level
  • Forecasts for network calculation
  • Data transmission process
  • Possibilities for further use
  • Summary and outlook

White Paper GLDPM


DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

For Fraunhofer IEE, the secure and efficient handling of critical data and secure information systems is important. That is why we have had an information security management system (ISMS) certified for various business areas. The focus is on efficient risk management and continuous improvement of information security, for example by being prepared for possible cyber attacks and IT emergencies. The functionality of our ISMS is regularly checked in external audits by independent third parties.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

You are looking for current knowledge and know-how from research for practice? We share our knowledge. In practice-oriented events, you and your employees can gain insights into the current state of research and engage directly with our experts. In addition to the existing range of events, we are also happy to offer you demand- and customer-oriented events for your national or international target group.

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