Energy meteorology systems

Forecasts for a reliable energy system

Digitalisation, automation and the usage of intelligent algorithms are becoming increasingly important factors for success in the energy industry.

This is particularly true for the integration of renewable energies (RE), for which precise and reliable forecasts of the expected energy production and consumption are indispensable. This can increase efficiency, minimise risks, and save costs.

Our real-time power estimates and forecasts are the centrepiece of innovative solutions for reliable grid operation and planning with weather-dependent energy sources.

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Our solutions

  • Forecasts of the expected renewable energies (RE) generation in the next few minutes up to days.
  • Estimates of the energy generation from spatially distributed renewable energy plants.
  • Forecasts of the expected electricity, heating/cooling, and water consumption by households, enterprises, and utility networks.
  • Dynamic methods for the determination and prediction of the possible ampacity of overhead conductors,  considering external weather conditions.
  • Forecasts of the expected power flows within (horizontal) and between (vertical) the different voltage levels in the grid.
  • Consulting and project planning based on state-of-the-art methods from science and research on the characterization and mapping of energy-meteorology relationships.

Our service areas

Wind power forecast

  • Feed-in forecasts for parks, grid nodes & regions
  • Optimal marketing
  • Efficient grid operations


Solar power forecast

  • Roof-mounted systems, parks, portfolios
  • Grid regions and nodes
  • Marketing
  • Self consumption


  • Generation of heat and electricity
  • Optimization of resources
  • Profit maximization

Consumption forecast

  • Electricity, heating, cooling, water
  • Households, industry, grid nodes
  • Resource planning

Power flow forecast

  • Vertical and horizontal power flows
  • Generation and load shares

Hydropower forecast

  • Run-of-river plants and dams
  • Modelling of individual power plants
  • Total regional electricity production

Online estimation

  • Wind and photovoltaics
  • Power and weather measurements,
  • Grid areas, grid nodes, portfolios

Dynamic line rating

  • Monitoring and forecasting ampacity
  • Identification of hot-spots at overhead lines
  • Design of specially meteorological measurement stations
  • Reducing redispatch and curtailment

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