Power electronics and drive systems

We are your reliable partner for questions regarding

  • Development of components in the field of electric mobility (cars, railways, maritime vehicles)
  • photovoltaic inverter
  • stand-alone grid and microgrid inverters
  • Ring machines and innovative drives
  • wind converters
  • and much more

We support you in

  • Development of highly efficient and compact power converters
  • Controls for stand-alone systems and in the interconnected grid
  • Electric machines with high torque and high reliability
  • Optimized software development for DSP and FPGA
  • Measurement technology for the precise characterization of power electronic components
  • Development, conceptual design, planning, installation and commissioning

Products & Services

Power Converters

  • High efficient components from
    a few Watts to MW class
  • Numerous patented topologies
  • PV inverters
  • Bidirectional charging technologies
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Wireless power transfer systems
  • Battery power converters
  • Multilevel converters

Electric machines and drives

  • Construction and electromagnetic design of ring generators and ring motors
  • Large drives
  • Gearless high-power applications
  • Maritime drive technologies
  • Extended maintenance intervals due to distributed electrical design and control
  • Extended lifetime due to axial oscillation control
  • Laboratory tests, proof-of-concept

Converter control and embedded systems

  • Embedded control
  • Control of electrical machines
  • Parallel operation for grid building
    inverters in public and island grids
  • Ancillary services and power quallity
  • Patented control concepts (Selfsync)
  • Rapid prototyping

Development of testing and measurement technology

  • Semiconductor switching cells
  • Calorimeter for power electronic components
  • Power hardware-in-the-loop systems
  • Testing technology for MPP tracking of PV systems - ISET MPP meter
  • Photovoltaic irradiation sensors - ISET sensor

Hardware-in-the-loop systems and digital twins

  • Automation of test processes
  • Application of high-performance real-time systems
  • Provision of linear and clocked power amplifier systems with high dynamics
  • Development and operation of digital twins
  • Provision of modern test systems
  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (PHIL)

Rapid Inverter Control Prototyping Solutions

  • Develop and test power system inverter controls quickly, reliably and safely.
  • High-performance power amplifiers
  • Integrated development environment
  • Licensable solutions