/  January 01, 1991  -  December 31, 2020

Wind Energy Report Germany

Duration since 01.01.1991
Scientists Volker Berkhout, Katrin Janssen, Stefan Faulstich, Sebastian Pfaffel, Khalid Rafik, Berthold Hahn, Johanna Hirsch


The Fraunhofer IEE Wind Energy Report Germany describes the development of wind energy in Germany based on numerous stats and figures. Additionally, the report provides insights into the present situation of wind energy use worldwide and gives relevant background information to the latest issues in the wind energy sector. Topics covered include:

  • Wind in the renewable energy mix
  • Situation in Germany
  • Growth of wind energy worldwide
  • Grid integration
  • Wind energy feed-in 2012
  • Grid operation and grid expansion
  • Onshore
  • Technical developments
  • Wind conditions
  • Operating results Legal and financial boundary conditions
  • Offshore
  • The expansion of offshore wind energy
  • Technical developments
  • Wind conditions
  • Operating results
  • Legal and financial boundary conditions

In special reports Fraunhofer IEE scientists and guest authors elaborate on trends and main research activities. Special reports are part of the Wind Energy Report Germany since 2011. In recent years these special reports have been published:

Wind Energy Report Germany 2012

  • The Energiewende in North Hesse (Dr. Thorsten Ebert, Katharina Henke)
  • Direct marketing of wind energy (Christoph Richts)
  • Provision of system services by using wind power plants (Prof. Dr. Lutz Hofmann, Sebastian Stock, Mariano Faiello, Lothar Loewer)
  • Extended operation of wind turbines beyond their planned service lives (Jürgen Holzmüller)
  • Developments in rotor design (Dr. Arno van Wingerde)
  • Acceptance of offshore wind energy utilization (PD Dr. Gundula Hübner, Dr. Johannes Pohl)

Wind Energy Report Germany 2011

  • Wind energy utilization onshore (Dr. Stefan Bofinger)
  • Drive concepts and direct drive wind turbines (Dr. Jan Wenske)
  • Wind measurement technology (Tobias Klaas)
  • ORECCA – marine energy (Dr. Jochen Bard, Fabian Thalemann)
  • Offshore support structures (Dr. Rüdiger Ernst; Dr. Holger Huhn; Dr. Martin Kohlmeier; Prof. Dr. Raimund Rolfes; Prof. Dr. Peter Schaumann)

The publication of the Wind Energy Report Germany is part of the Scientific measurement and evaluation program for offshore wind (Offshore~WMEP) funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. A print-version of the report can be ordered in German bookstores or direct from Fraunhofer Verlag

If you follow the link provided, you will find a list of the wind energy reports from 2009-2014.