/  March 01, 2019  -  April 30, 2020

Impact assessment of F-gas free medium voltage GIS applications

Grenoble Ecole de Management; Jean-Marc Biasse (Consultant)
Duration 01.03.2019 - 30.04.2020
Scientists Wolfram Heckmann (project coordinator), Maria Valov, Thorsten Reimann


Research initiative on SF6 and F-gas free alternatives for medium voltage (MV) gas-insulated switchgear installations in Europe

The research investigated the environmental and socio-economic impact of SF6, while analyzing the impact of F-gas free solutions as an alternative.  

Fraunhofer IEE designed a model for estimating the installed base and analyzing the impact and sensitivity of variable technical parameters or changes in policy and regulation.

Three main drivers define the development of SF6 emissions in medium voltage switchgear: network extensions, operation emissions, and end-of-life handling. The end-of-life handling has the key role.

Grenoble Ecole de Mangement conducted an empirical study to better understand customer-purchasing criteria for medium voltage switchgear.

Results suggest that customers for MV switchgear expect a decrease in use of SF6 technology in the near future. Eco-friendliness was in fact identified as one of the most important purchase criteria for MV switchgear.

The study was performed between March 2019 and April 2020 focusing on medium voltage (MV) switchgear in electricity grids in the European Union. Participation in the study was open to all electricity grid stakeholders.