/  January 01, 2003  -  December 31, 2020


European Academy of Wind Energy

Partners Aalborg University, CENER, CRES, CREST, DHI, Delft University of Technology, Durham University, ECN, IFE, Manchester Metropolitan University, NTNU, Queen Mary University of London, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, University of Manchester, University of Patras, University of Strathclyde, University of Surrey, University of Birmingham, University of Hannover, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, University of Oldenburg, University of Stuttgart
Duration 01.01.2003 - 31.12.2020
Scientists Dr. Stefan Bofinger, Dr. Kurt Rohrig


The European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) was founded in October 2003 with significant participation by Fraunhofer IEE (formerly ISET). This globally unique competence network in the field of wind energy research is an association of the four leading European research institutes and the universities closely associated with the respective institutes.

Among the Wind Academy's first activities was the organization of the European conference "The Science of making Torque from Wind" in Delft in April 2004.

The aim of the research institutes and universities from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Greece is to better coordinate research and education in the European Research Area and to appear together in the research and education market.

Through joint doctoral training, the exchange of specialist personnel, international training measures and research projects based on the division of labor, this network will help the European wind energy industry to further expand its leading position on the world market for wind energy technology.

Following several new additions in 2004, the network will be expanded in further steps to include Great Britain, Norway and Spain.