/  December 01, 2016  -  November 30, 2020


Showcase for Intelligent Energy North-East Germany

Reiner Lemoine Institut, Enertrag

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Duration 01.12.2016 - 30.11.2020
Scientists Britta Zimmermann, Kaspar Knorr, Stefan Siegl, Christoph Scholz, Nicolas Kuhaupt


The »WindNODE« project covers the five East German federal states and Berlin. The aim is an efficient integration of renewable generation in the energy system, taking into account the electricity, heat and mobility sectors. The Fraunhofer IEE is involved in several work packages:

WP 2.2a: Uckermark power plant
The aim of this work package is to investigate the ICT security of combined power plants. In addition, existing regulations will be examined and recommendations for the safe operation of combined power plants will be developed. Security analyses will be conducted on existing systems and recommendations for safe operation based on present regulations will be developed.

WP 2.2b: Flexible generation and regional power plant
In this work package use cases for the marketing of the power generators in the (combined) power plant Uckermark will be investigated. The focus of the investigations is on the use of flexible capacities in combination with wind turbines and their connection in a feed-in network.
The Fraunhofer IEE is working together with the Reiner Lemoine Institute on the basis of the open source platform »oefmof« to investigate the marketing opportunities of the Uckermark power plant. Data and model components will be developed and integrated into this platform. In particular, components are developed which describe the special marketing conditions in various use cases. Furthermore, scenarios will be developed and evaluated accordingly.

WP 4.3: Software for Monitoring and Forecasting iMSys
The installation of intelligent measuring systems (iMSys) makes it possible to identify shiftable loads of power customers. This opens new possibilities for supply-oriented integration of fluctuating feed-ins, new services and business models.
In collaboration with industrial partners, software for monitoring and forecasting the iMSys data will be developed having the power customer in focus. Furthermore, existing telecommunications infrastructures will be evaluated for their suitability to support intelligent energy systems.