/  July 01, 2020  -  November 30, 2022

PVin100RESPS – High Penetration Solar PV in the 100% Renewable Energy Systems Power System

Partners Hochschule Ulm, Institut für Energie- und Anlagentechnik
Funding BMWi
Duration 01.07.2020 - 30.11.2022
Scientists Markus Kraiczy, Denis Mende, Abdullah Altayara


The Photovoltaic Power Systems Technology Collaboration Programme (PVPS) is a platform within the IEA to improve international research and development cooperation in the field of harnessing photovoltaic energy and integrating it into electrical grids. Within the PVPS, 32 IEA members are currently working in seven international project groups (so-called tasks) with different focus topics.

Task 14 "Solar PV in the 100% RES Power System" deals with issues related to the integration of large shares of photovoltaics into the electrical power supply. Task 14 was founded in 2010 and currently comprises 17 participating countries, represented by national experts. The aim of Task 14 is to promote the international exchange of research and industry in the field of grid integration of photovoltaics, to identify best practices for grid integration of photovoltaics and thus to focus the respective national research and development more efficiently on essential issues.