/  February 01, 2015  -  January 31, 2019


University of Kassel


Duration 01.02.2015  -  31.01.2019
Scientists Frank Marten (Project Manager), Mike Vogt, Carsten Pape, Daniel Horst, Nazgul Asanalieva, Katharina Brauns, Sebastian Stock, Lothar Löwer, Patrick Hochloff, Hedda Gardian, Michael Schreiber, Michael Scheibe, Florian Schäfer


The real-time test and simulation environment »OpSim« allows for close-to-reality simulations of a complex electrical energy system, in which both the power grid as well as a variety of on grid control algorithms and energy management systems are taken into account. For example, a power system can be simulated in which a virtual power plant controls various generation assets, while aa grid optimizer monitors the voltage and takes corrective actions. In the research project »OpSimEval« the project partners Fraunhofer IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES) and University of Kassel expand this simulation environment with two important functionalities: 1) an accelerated annual simulation, and 2) combining the annual simulation with grid expansion planning concepts.