/  February 01, 2012  -  January 31, 2014

TidalSense Demo

Advanced Condition Monitoring for Tidal Energy Devices


EnerOcean S.L., IT Power Ltd., InnoTecUK, I & T Nardoni Institute, iKnowHow Informatics, TWI Ltd., Center for Research & Technology Thessaly CERETETH, Kauno Technologijos Universitetas, University of Cadiz, Nautricity Limited, Aqua Energy Solutions
Funding by: European Commission (FP7)
Client: European Commission
Duration: 1.2.2012 - 31.1.2014
Persons in charge: Jochen Bard, Jochen Giebhardt

Cost comparison between the new system and the classical CMS approaches using strain and/or acceleration measurements with frequency domain data processing. Integration of the developed hardware into the communication infrastructure of tidal energy converters to be monitored with the system


The »TidalSense Demo« project will suppose the demonstration of the results obtained in the »TidalSense« project in order to clear the pace of these technologies towards commercial maturity. The project aims to deliver a condition monitoring system for tidal stream energy conversion equipment. The new project will comprise the industrialization of the developed »guided wave ultrasonic« sensors for monitoring elements manufactured using modern composite materials such as fibre metal laminates, honeycombs, glass or carbon fibre reinforced plastics. The project will investigate the feasibility of the developed sensors as condition monitoring equipment in several tidal energy converters, including different ones to those used as reference for their design, and the sea trials of the system.