/  May 11, 2012  -  December 25, 2014

Sewage Water Generator

P. Kracht


Krämer Energietechnik GmbH, Universität Kassel - Institut für Thermische Energietechnik - Fachgebiet Strömungsmaschinen
Funding by:
Hessen Agentur
11.5.2012 – 25.12.2014
Person in charge: P. Kracht
System design and adaption development of the frequency converter


With the sewage water generator to be developed in this project, the untapped kinetic energy of sewage water in sewage plants, industrial facilities and ductworks can be converted into electrical energy in an environmentally friendly and decentralised way. Field tests carried out at a sewage plant have proved that economic manufacturing and operation of such a generator is possible. The simple construction design and the durable corrosion protection facilitate a maintenance-free operation even in heavily polluted sewage water. With ductworks and electrical grids already existent, an economic installation is possible.