/  December 01, 2012  -  November 30, 2014


Overall concept and initiation of temporally and spatially differentiated offshore test field research

Foundation for Offshore Wind Energy
Funding: BMU
Duration: 1.12.2012 - 30.11.2014

Eva Otto, Bernhard Lange (Project manager), Michael Durstewitz


The project »overall concept and initiation time and place differentiated offshore test field research (OFT)« should be created the conditions for the further research, development and demonstration of real offshore wind farm in German waters.

The main objective is to integrate test fields at various locations under consideration of different time perspectives in commercial offshore wind farms. In the test fields prototypes can be demonstrated and specific questions to be explored. The processing of an almost unlimited range of research, development and demonstration issues in offshore test is possible: from the testing of new materials or measuring equipment, the test of logistics concepts and installation methods to demonstration entire offshore wind turbine prototypes, foundation structures or components.