IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems, Vienna 2013

Analysis of a reactive power exchange between distribution and transmission grids
F. Marten, K. Diwold, L. Löwer, L.M. Faiella, P. Hochloff, L.H. Hansen, M. Braun

IEEE PowerTech, Grenoble 2013

Technical and Economical Assessment of Reactive Power Provision from Distributed Generators: Case Study Area of East Denmark
H. Barth, D. Hidalgo, A. Pohlemann, M. Braun, L.H. Hansen, H. Knudsen

EWEA 2013 Annual Event Conference, Vienna 2013

Wind turbine participation on Control Reserve Markets
M. Jansen, M. Speckmann, A. Baier

11th International Workshop on large-scale integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants, Lissabon 2012

Impact of Control Reserve Provision of Wind Farms on Regulating Power Costs and Balancing Energy Prices
M. Jansen, M. Speckmann, R. Schwinn

EWEA 2012 Annual Event Conference, Kopenhagen 2012

Impact of frequency control supply by wind turbines on balancing costs
M. Jansen, M. Speckmann, A. Baier