/  May 01, 2010  -  November 30, 2012


H. Hahn

Partner:  EIHP et al.
Funding by:  EU
Principal:  EU
Duration:  1.5.2010 - 30.11.2012
Editers: Henning Hahn (Project Manager)

BiogasIN aims to create a sustainable biogas market in Central an Eastern Europe (CEE). Therefore the strongest barrier in CEE should be targeted: high administrative barriers both in permitting and financing phases. BiogasIN builds capacity among the public sector, financing providers as well as farmers/biogas investors. A well experienced team of western entities and eastern organisations integrated in the target countries will pave the way for a sustainable integration of biogas in European, regional and local policies and into national renewable energy strategies. This will be achieved by large scale capacity building campaign which pinpoints bottlenecks and provides solutions for the development of biogas market. The objective is to create awareness, trust in the technology and the sensibility that biogas is a reliable, greenhouse gas and waste reduction technology for CEE. The credibility in biogas production technologies will increase the bankability of biogas projects and fasten the administrative permitting procedures. BiogasIN initiates close collaboration among all stakeholders and vertical and horizontal working groups or associations that will facilitate government`s to tailor the biogas policy. Surveys (questionnaires and interviews) are used to access bottlenecks from practice and actual stakeholders that are involved in the process. Geographical coverage will be increased by spreading the survey over other EU countries to facilitate development of biogas policy at EU and national level. Due to the focused target group and the emphasis of BiogasIN on high-quality events, all BiogasIN actions will achieve a high leverage effect by multiplying the outcome to many stakeholders in CEE.

Fraunhofer IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES) task is to support the integration of best practice biogas examples in financing and permitting procedures. Objective is to remove the bottlenecks of administrative and financing procedure in the target countries. The project comprises ten partners from nine different European countries.