/  November 01, 2005  -  October 31, 2011


Network of Excellence (NoE) of DER Laboratories and Pre-Standardization


AIT, CEA, Fraunhofer IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES), KEMA, NTUA, RSE, Risoe, TU Lodz, TU Sofia, Tecnalia, University of Manchester
Funding: EU
Duration: 1.11.2005 - 31.10.2011

Thomas Degner (Project Manager), Wolfram Heckmann, Stefanie Schmidt, Philipp Strauß


Since 2005, 11 research institutes from 11 European countries collaborated in a European project »European Network of Excellence of DER Laboratories and Pre-Standardization«. This project is supported by the European community's 6th Framework programme with the contract number SES6-CT-2005-518299.

DERlab's intention is to provide support for the sustainable integration of renewable energy sources (RES) and distributed generation (DG) in the electricity supply by describing common requirements, developing quality criteria, and supporting international pre-standardisation activities. The network will propose test and certification procedures concerning connection, safety, operation and communication of DG components and systems.

The project DERlab´s scopes and objectives are:

  • Setup of a distributed, independent world-class DER laboratory for Europe
  • Support for the development of European and international standards
  • Achievement of a durable networking between European laboratories

The project DERlab´ scientific and technical objectives are:

  • Elaboration of requirements concerning connection, safety, operation and communication of DG and RES components and associated support technologies.
  • Elaboration of requirements for the effective and economic operation of sustainable power systems.
  • Elaboration of quality criteria for DG components.
  • Development of common certification and qualification procedures.
  • Support of manufacturers, grid operators and DG operators by establishing a discussion platform, identifying relevant problems and proposing solutions.
  • Market support through common European and international standards.
  • Integration of national developments by formulating European interests and by supporting international pre-standardisation activities.

On the basis of this cooperation, the project partners sealed their cooperation in the association »European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories« (DERlab) e.V. in 2008.

The association DERlab e.V. has been founded as an independent world-class laboratory for the grid-integration of distributed power generation. DERlab develops joint requirements and quality criteria for the connection and operation of distributed energy resources (DER) and is strongly supporting the consistent development of DER technologies. DERlab offers testing and consulting services for distributed generation (DG) to support the transition towards more decentralised power systems.