Webinar  /  November 03, 2021, Wednesday, from 10:00 to 17.00 (separated in three blocks)

Digitalization for optimizing integrated district heating systems

Digital technologies are believed to make the whole energy system smarter, more efficient, and reliable and to boost the efficiency and the integration of more renewables into the system In the future, digital applications might enable district energy systems to fully optimise their plant and network operation while empowering the end consumer. Further on, digital technologies are a key enabler for sector coupling and hybridisation of the energy system. On the other hand, challenges need to be tackled, such as data security and privacy as well as questions about data ownership.

Aim of the Webinar is

  • to discuss the role of digitalisation within a future CO2 free and integrated energy system,
  • to present activities, challenges and solutions from the industry perspective,
  • to get an impression of current commercial solutions,

The webinar is directed towards:

  • District heating network operators and energy suppliers
  • Digitalization solution providers (soft- and hardware, consultancies)
  • R&D institutes and universities 
  • Policy makers, energy authorities and associations

This webinar is organised by Dr. Dietrich Schmidt, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany and Dr. Ralf-Roman Schmidt AIT, Austria.

More detailed programme will be sent out soon.