Online Workshop  /  September 07, 2020, Monday: 09:00-16:00

Digitalisation of District Heating and Cooling

Optimised Operation and Maintenance of District Heating and Cooling Systems via Digital Process Management

Annex TS4 is a project aiming at promoting the opportunities of the integration of digital processes into DHC schemes and to clarify the role of digitalisation for different parts within the operation and maintenance of the district heating and cooling system. Furthermore, the implementation of these technologies is going to be demonstrated. Digital technologies are believed to make the whole energy system smarter, more efficient, and reliable and to boost the efficiency and the integration of more renewables into the system. In the future, digital applications might enable district energy systems to fully optimise their plant and network operation while empowering the end consumer. On the other hand challenges need to be tackled, such as data security and privacy as well as questions about data ownership.

TS4 is a task-shared annex which means that there will be no individual, separate research projects started within the Annex. It also means that there is not one financing organization. Instead, the participants bring own funding. Annex TS4 provides a framework for the exchange of research results from international initiatives and national research projects and allows gathering, compiling and presenting of information concerning on the digitalisation of district heating and cooling systems.

We would like to invite you to our first Annex working phase workshop. The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss the planned activities for the first period of the working phase of this international activity.

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