Plant engineering

We are your reliable partner for questions concerning

  • Site evaluation, concept development, feasibility studies.
  • Techno-economic evaluation of plants
  • Development, optimization, and implementation of plants

We assist your

  • Investment and strategy decisions
  • Development, conception, design, construction, commissioning, and site integration of plants and demonstration plants
  • Monitoring and performance tests of plants

Our spectrum ranges from a technical scale to the operating scale up to MW range.

Products & Services

Demonstration plants

  • „„Development of plants from a technical scale to the operating scale
  • Design, dimensioning, construction, delivery, and commissioning of plants as well as system integration on site
  • Development and delivery of software for technical plant operation and control as well as plant monitoring
  • Scientific support

Technology development and testing

  • Provision of experiment and test centers, e.g. for biogas and PV systems among others
  • Power-to-Gas test platform with 50 kW electrolyzer
  • Technology setup and integration
  • Operation and testing of technology


  • „„Analysis of specific sites, technology, and plants
  • Technological evaluation
  • Cost finding, analysis, and evaluation of cost structure
  • Comparison of technology and benchmarking

Feasibility studies and site assessment

  • Preliminary studies and detailed site evaluation including the clarification of various technical issues
  • Concept design
  • Clarification of the technical integration on site
  • Technical feasibility study with cost evaluation

Application fields

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Ramona Schröer

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Dr.-Ing. Ramona Schröer

Business Development Manager Plant Engineering

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