Energy System Technology

Energy system technology delivers solutions for effectively using and expanding renewables, supply networks, storage systems and electromobility.
A special role plays the re-design of the transmission and distribution grids. The coupling of electricity, heat, gas and transportation enables the necessary increase in flexibility between energy generation and energy demand.

We develop the necessary structural and planning methods, operational strategies, equipment, system technology, control engineering and energy management systems. Our research facilities allow standardization and client-specific components and system tests.

Business fields#

Grid planning and operation

  • Grid studies
  • Tools and models
  • Tests and measurements
  • Consulting

Power electronics and drive systems

  • Power converters
  • Electric machines and drives
  • Converter control and embedded systems
  • Testing and measurement technology

Hardware in the loop systems

  • Battery system and cell simulation
  • Wind turbine and wind farm simulation
  • Products and tools for system developments
  • System analyses and services

Plant engineering

  • Demonstration plants
  • Technology development and testing
  • Techno-economic studies
  • Feasibility studies and site assessment

Measuring and testing services

  • Laboratory testing
  • On-site measurements
  • Laboratory consulting
  • System analyses and simulation

Training and knowledge transfer

  • Day- and one-week seminars
  • Online master program and certificates
  • Kasseler Symposium