Day seminar

wind potentials with
LiDAR technology

In this seminar we would like to introduce you to LiDAR technology as an alternative to mast-based wind measurements.

  • Basics of measurement technology
  • Execution and evaluation
  • Application at complex locations

Day seminar

Wind conditions
at complex locations

Get to know our »Vertical Laboratory«: with the wind measurement mast on the Rödeser Berg near Wolfhagen our experts are researching the wind profile and the wind characteristics up to high altitudes

  • Measurement technology and modeling of wind potential
  • Turbulences in wooded areas
  • Excursion to the 200 m measuring mast

Day seminar

Simulation and
emulation of
lithium-ion batteries

In this seminar you will learn the principles of mathematical modeling of transport processes and interactions as well as methods to parameterize electrochemical energy storages.

  • Diverse battery technologies
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery emulation

Day seminar

Performance and
failure behavior of
wind turbines

In this seminar we would like to point out and explain the essential tasks and methods of systematic data collection and the analysis procedures for maintenance:

  • Basics of reliability assessments
  • Analysis of failure behavior
  • Tools for maintenance planning
  • Practical exercise

Day seminar

Load and power
optimized control of wind turbines

The participants will be introduced to practice oriented basic knowledge for the regulation of modern wind turbines.

  • General management of wind turbines
  • Dynamic control for full and
    partial load operation
  • Relationship regulation and
    load calculation

Day seminar

Power electronics in electric vehicles

You will get an overview of the complete range of power electronics in electric vehicles.

  • Introduction and system overview
  • Basic principles and components
  • SiC power semiconductors and reliability
  • Battery system and features
  • Grid connection