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Renewable Energy Courses

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Training and Knowledge Transfer

We are your reliable first point of contact for

  • the qualification of specialists and executives on current topics of renewable energies
  • the imparting of research knowledge for professional application
  • customer-oriented education formats and expert dialogues on the questions of
    the transformation of the energy system

We support you at

  • your further qualification on various topics of renewable energies
  • the conception and implementation of further education formats on special topics of the energy industry and energy system technology
  • the planning and implementation of workshops, conferences and symposia in cooperation with Fraunhofer IEE

We work together with universities, universities of applied science and other research institutes as well as cooperation partners from industry to cover a wide range of current topics in renewable energies. In addition to the already existing event offerings, we offer demand- and customer-oriented day and one-week seminars for national and international purposes tailored for your target group.

Courses & Services


Day- and one-week

  • Assessing wind potentials with
    LiDAR technology
  • Performance and failure behavior
    of wind turbines
  • Load and power optimized
    control of wind turbines
  • Simulation and emulation
    of lithium-ion batteries
  • Power electronics in electric vehicles
  • RES Integration in Power Systems

Online Master
Program and


Modular Training Courses in Grid Integration of Renewable Energies

On base of training material from leading experts world-wide, we offer in-house courses covering the entire field of Renewable Energies, from basics about wind and solar energy utilzation to grid codes, from wind and solar power forecasts to grid studies.


Kasseler Symposium

With the Kasseler symposium »Business Model Energiewende« the Fraunhofer IEE is offering a structured expert dialogue to discuss key issues of the energy transition since 2015.

High-level representatives from the finance and insurance sectors, the renewable energy industry, industry and energy policy discuss with scientists how to set the crucial impetus for a sustainable investment activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gudrun Franke-Braun

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