Analyses and Consultancy in Energy Economics

We are the point of contact concerning your requests for

  • flexibility of energy supply and demand
  • decentralized energy supply in buildings, districts and regions
  • creating future energy systems
  • developing national energy systems in e.g. Asia, Africa and South America

We offer support in

  • investment decisions and strategic orientation
  • business model development
  • your contribution to political debates on developing energy systems

Products & Services


Flexible Capacity in the Power System

  • Bioenergy and CHP
  • Load management in industrial plants
  • Wind energy  in the control  reserve market
  • Use of storage

Heat and Power Supplies in Buildings and Cities

  • Systems for the energy consumption of buildings and real properties
  • Sustainable energy concepts for cities and quarters
  • Regional energy  generation and supply

Multi-Sectoral Transition of the Energy System

  • Future market design
  • Electricity, heat and  mobility
  • Future technologies


Development of National Power Systems

  • Technical and economical potentials
  • Modeling of  energy supply
  • Paths towards transforming the energy system
  • Market and system design in the context of policy consultation

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Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Katharina Habbishaw, M.Sc.

Business unit Analyses and Consultancy in Energy Economics

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