Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure  /  01. September 2009  -  31. August 2013


W. Heckmann, A. Berg, T. Degner


AIT, CEA, CRES, EDF, Fraunhofer IEE (ehemals Fraunhofer IWES), KEMA, LABEIN, NTUA, RSE, Risoe, TU Lodz, TUS-RDS, UNIMAN, USTRAT, VTT
Förderung: EU
Laufzeit: 1.9.2009 - 31.8.2013

Dr. Thomas Degner (Projektleiter), Wolfram Heckmann, Alexander Berg

DERri ‐ Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure ‐ is a collaborative research project under the European FP7 programme with 15 partners from 12 countries distributed all over Europe ‐ all partners providing leading DERri expertise and exceptional and supplementary DERri research infrastructures.

The arrangement in a single organisation of a number of facilities working in the same field provides added values like a single entry point for all potential users with clear and homogeneous procedures, that facilitate the access; a better information quality and diffusion, able to reach a wider public; the possibility to have experimental time allocated in the facility more respondent to the specific research needs; and the capability of the infrastructure to address the user to an alternative equivalent or better facility, in order to optimise the booking of the laboratory time.

DERri provides external European research communities the opportunity for transnational access to the DERri partner´s research infrastructure ‐ free of charge.

The project's networking activities and joint research activities aim at reaching similar conditions in all facilities, in terms of common procedures, standards and interfaces. This will allow to carry out research programmes that involve more than one facility, in a synchronic or diachronic way, and to compare and exchange results obtained by different facilities simultaneously or independently but under analogues conditions.