/  May 01, 2016  -  April 30, 2019



IZP Dresden mbH, Munich Re, juwi AG, GEO mbH, WindMW GmbH, WSB Service Deutschland GmbH, RWE Innog, IABG mbH, Bachmann electronic, FGW e.V.


Duration 01.05.2016 - 30.04.2019
Scientists Stefan Faulstich, Sebastian Pfaffel, Johanna Hirsch, Volker Berkhout, Doron Callies, Susann Spriestersbach, Michael Durstewitz, Michael Scheibe, Seweryn Sobik, Zouhair Khadiri


The acronym WInD-Pool stands for Windenergy-Information-Data-Pool. It is a common knowledge base of the wind industry. It is obvious that reliability of wind turbines and subassemblies needs to be improved. Otherwise, availability, especially for offshore application, will not reach suitable results. Improvements have to be achieved in the design of turbines as well as in the organization of maintenance. To do so, it is crucial that the experiences gained in the past will be used as efficiently as possible.

However, single wind turbine operators will possibly not be able to achieve a suitable statistical basis for thorough analyses. Even with a broad database, the breakdown in concept groups, power classes, site conditions, etc., leads to a point, where the statistical basis is becoming insufficient. The necessity for a broader database and for an appropriate data structure is obvious. One promising way is to establish a common knowledge base - the Wind Energy Information Data Pool (WInD-Pool). The WInD-Pool will be held in trust by Fraunhofer IEE. Thus, participants can benefit from each other by sharing their experience and by benchmarking within the security of a confidentiality concept and agreement.

The rationale of the WInD-pool is very easy. The so-called data providers (e.g. operators) play their operation and maintenance information in a consistent format in the WInD-Pool, which will be held in trust by Fraunhofer IEE. After testing a validation of this data –while ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of the data– standardized benchmarks and analyses will be created. Afterwards they are made available to the data providers again. If there are abnormalities or potential for optimization, detailed studies and solutions can be developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IEE and IZP Dresden.

The WInD-Pool ensures the legal validation of all involved parties by uniform cooperation agreement and creates a basis of trustworthy cooperation.The accession of other companies is always possible and essential to the success of the initiative.