/  February 01, 2021  -  January 31, 2021


Robust Planning of Transmission Networks

Amprion GmbH, Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts and Railway, University of Kassel


Duration 01.02.2021 - 31.01.2024
Scientists David Sebastian Stock, Yannic Harms, Steffen Meinecke, Jakob Kopiske, Norman Gerhard, Mareike Jentsch, Roman Bolgaryn, Leon Thurner, Daniel Horst, Carsten Pape, Angela Pape


The energy transition, characterized by decarbonisation, decentralization and digitalization of the energy supply system causes serious changes. For this reason, it is a special challenge to identify robust transformation paths for multiple decades up to the year 2050 regarding the network development.

The research project RobustPlan investigates how a preferably good service security considering simultaneously a high cost efficiency can be reached, despite large uncertainties in the energy political framework, characteristics of energy scenarios or changes in the energy mix. For this, extensive scenarios, probabilistics, sensitivities and therefore also automations are needed. Despite uncertainties regarding the future developments, decisions for non-regretted investments and operational measures have to be decided today. To achieve this, operational system management approaches have to be considered in the network planning in an adequate way. Within this project, robust network expansion measures are ought to be defined in a way, that they cover the variation from uncertainties by a within the project defined robustness degree and are therefore secure investments.