/  January 01, 2013  -  December 31, 2017


Demonstration of two floating wind turbine systems for power generation in Southern European deep waters

Partners Gamesa (Coordinator), IDEOL, Stuttgart Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) at the University of Stuttgart, ACCIONA Windpower, Navantia, Olav Olsen, RSK Environment Ltd., Greenovate! Europe, ACCIONA Energy
Funding  European Commission (FP7)
Duration 01.01.2013 - 31.12.2017
Scientists P. Hochloff, A. Dreher, J. Bard, J.Giebhardt



Monitoring and testing of the operating systems in real open sea conditions, installation methods and processes, environmental impact, O&M cost validation, generating deep water offshore wind turbine know-how.



The FLOATGEN project aims to deliver a floating wind turbine system for waters with a depth greater than 40 m, utilising state of the art EU technologies in order to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of fitting a 2 MW turbine model on a ring-shaped surface-floating platform.


  • Demonstrate innovative solutions of a multi-MW offshore wind turbine performing at deep waters over 40 m depth,
  • Define and validate appropriate methods and processes for installation, operation and access,
  • Assess and validate the environmental impact,
  • Validate performance and cost of operation and maintenance,
  • Model a pathway for the reduction of energy cost from floating offshore WT system until cost values are comparable with fixed offshore wind structures and develop a roadmap,
  • Ensure replicability in other deep offshore locations and transfer knowledge between the partnering wind turbine manufacturers.