/  November 01, 2014  -  April 30, 2017


Control systems for reducing ultimate loads at large wind turbines - Phase 1

Partners German Aerospace Center, Institute of Aeroelasticity
Funding  BMWi
Duration 01.11.2014 - 30.04.2017
Scientists Martin Shan, Boris Fischer, Philipp Brosche, Peter Loepelmann



Project coordination, Analysis of relevant load cases, load monitoring, diagnosis of ultimate loads, control for reducing ultimate loads, modelling of fast actuators for reducing ultimate loads.



The joint research project is carried out by Fraunhofer IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES) and the German Aerospace Center. The control department of Frauhofer IEE is responsible for the development of the control algorithms. It has been working on the control of wind turbines for many years. The Institute of Aeroelasticity contributes with its expertise on the analysis and the modelling of aeronautic systems. A special focus is on the derivation and validation of appropriate models to describe fast actuators for affecting aerodynamic forces. These models shall be used for the design of the load reducing control system. Experiments are planned in a wind tunnel at the German Aerospace Center.The aim of this project is the development of a new control system for the active mitigation of design driving ultimate loads at large wind turbines. The main focus is on cost reduction of mechanical components that contribute significantly to the overall investment costs of the turbine. These are the blades, the tower, the foundation as well as the load-bearing parts of nacelle and hub. The system measures the relevant loads and actively affects them by using appropriate actuators. A special feature is the fast system dynamic that is necessary to detect extreme events and react immediately on them.