/  February 01, 2011  -  January 31, 2015

SOPHIA - PhotoVoltaic European Research Infrastructure

Dr. N. Henze, S. Misara (Projektleiter), B. Schulz

Partners: AIT, CEA-INES, CREST, DERlab e.V., ECN, ENEA, ENEL, EPIA, ERSE, EUREC, Fraunhofer IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES), HZB, ISE, JRC, Risoe, SINTEF, Tecnalia, UPM, VTT, IMEC, Jülich   
Duration: 1.2.2011 - 31.1.2015
Persons in charge: Siwanand Misara (Projektleiter), Dr. Norbert Henze, Björn Schulz

The objective of the SOPHIA project is to strenghten and optimise research capabilities, mainly by coordinating efforts on important but precompetitive issues. Large research infrastructures working together will avoid the useless replication of a large number of small efforts. The SOPHIA project aims at pulling together the main European photovoltaic research infrastructures in order to provide the scientific community with common referential to conduct efficient and coordinated research work in the field of PV technologies.